Hidden River

hidden river
ISBN 1852247967

Praise for Hidden River

‘…Hidden River attempts to explore the barely perceptible and the fragile vicissitudes of human experience. In particular many of the poems draw on the liminal relation between the natural world and our own, combining craft and an unrehearsed sensibility to produce inventive, and often energetic, results.…. “Send and Receive”, the book’s longest poem and a refreshingly accomplished piece, even adopts an ambitious, anaphoric sonnet sequence in order to address political turmoil, human suffering and the limits of communication with sharp intelligence and imaginative scope …various, resourceful and often rewardingly delicate, Hidden River is an estimable debut’. Ben Wilkinson, TLS.

Hidden River is the work of a confident, skilful and erudite writer, and there aren’t too many of those around these days … a writer of surprising conjunctions….Norgate’s poems begin so simply, and trawl such complex and resonant depths… another searching, memorable, disconcerting piece… Despite its usually conversational tone, Norgate’s writing is lyrical. She has the ear for the music of a line…and for the shape and strength of an image…But Norgate is above all a brave writer, and I salute her courage. She’s energetic, adventurous, genuinely talented, and she has something to say. Hidden River is a very fine first collection, and I hope there will be many more.   R.V. Bailey, Envoi, Issue 155, Feb. 2010.